House Sitting in Las Vegas

We’ve recently started a 10 day house sitting in Las Vegas.  We’re in a lovely home on the west side of Las Vegas in the Spring Valley area looking after the home and a very nice 9 year old dog, lab and retriever mix.


We came up to Las Vegas a day early and booked a stay in the Rio Hotel and Casino.  When we checked in, the guy at the front desk handed us our keys and said that we had been upgraded to one of the VIP suites.  It was quite a nice upgrade.  The room was a two room suite of probably over 1000 square feet, guest bath, huge main bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi tub.  The rate we were paying was probably one tenth of the regular rate for this room.  We were wishing that we had the opportunity for a longer stay.

The house we’re in is very comfortable and large with a very nice private back yard.  There’s also a nice pool and built in BBQ.  The owners are taking a vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina.


So far the weather has been nice although the wind was a bit cold for a couple of days.  We’ve been enjoying a long walk with the dog each morning and plan to visit some of the sights in Las Vegas that are not on the Strip.


3 thoughts on “House Sitting in Las Vegas

  1. We’ve hardly worn jackets all winter, especially not since January. We’re getting a bit of a break right now – actual spring weather. Imagine that! Sounds like another good house sitting deal. Are you all advertised on the web or something? 😉

  2. Nice gig! How ’bout that upgrade–you guys have such good luck!! And wow, that suite is the same size as the house where I raised my two girls for 14 years!! The house in Vegas seems nice and the pool and hot tub look inviting! I noticed you were wearing a jacket–until today we had not worn jackets for quite a while. Our highs have been in the ’80s until yesterday when we dropped into the ’70s. This is very unusual and the downside is that we’ll be plagued with BUGS all summer!!!! Question–part 1, do the people who “hire” you to housesit pay a fee to a service or how does that work, since you guys don’t get paid and part 2, how do they check you out to make sure you don’t rob them or something? Have fun and love you both…

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