Three Days, 900 miles

Ok, it’s not a breakneck pace but it’s a bit more driving than we have done through our road trip so far.  We left San Antonio on January 23rd and drove to Fort Stockton, Texas.  This allowed us to cover about 310 miles of West Texas.  Fort Stockton sits in the heart of the Permian Basin oil field and has ‘Paisano Pete’, the road runner.

Fort Stockton, yes, that's a road runner

The next day we drove on through the rest of Texas and into New Mexico, stopping overnight in Las Cruces, covering another 285 miles.  After an overnight stop, we continued on into Arizona stopping in Tucson, an additional 275 miles.  This drive was by far the most we have driven in such a short time but there just wasn’t much to see along the way.  It was interesting passing through El Paso, Texas, shouting distance to the Mexican border.  If we had brought our passport we could have made this an international road trip.


Houston, Texas

Texas is our first repeat state for this road trip, this being our second entry.  We also passed through Texas on the eastbound part of our trip, stopping in Amarillo.  This time we’re further south and will traverse about 880 miles of Texas, east to west.  In the event word hasn’t reached you,  Houston (pics) is a big city, largest city in Texas, fourth largest in the United States.  It is home to big players in the oil industry and one of the largest concentrations of medical care and research facilities in the world.  In addition, it is home to the Johnson Space Center which is one of the main reasons I wanted to make a stop in Houston.

Historic Mission Control

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