Long Beach, CA

Once again, we parked at Golden Shores RV Resort in Long Beach for two weeks.  This gave us an opportunity to check in with friends, visit with Valerie’s family and attend a Super Bowl party.


We took advantage of the bike path that runs next to the RV park to enjoy some of the splendid Southern California “winter” weather.

Next stop:  R&C RV Ranch


Long Beach, CA

Once again, we dropped anchor in Long Beach in order to catch up on medical and dental appointments and to check in with Valerie’s family.  We spent some time here back in August.

Kathy Morita

Sadly, while we were here, Valerie’s sister Kathy passed away suddenly.  Valerie and her Mom traveled to Georgia to join Valerie’s other sisters in saying their goodbyes.  Kathy was 58 years old.  She will be missed.

Next stop:  San Diego, CA