About me?  This is Coop’s Second Act.  The Second Act part is about what I see as the second act for my life.  The first act has been quite long.  It involved birth, schooling, marriage(s) and many years of toil.

My second act is about to begin as I start this blog.  This will be post-toil years.

I like to view the past without regret.  I can acknowledge some mistakes and possible bad choices.  Yet it is the sum of all of that, mistakes, bad choices and all, that has brought me to NOW.  So to feel regret would be to say that I’d rather be somewhere else.  The only way to do that is going forward through new actions and choices since I can’t change the past.

I embark on this second act with a partner, my Significant Other, Valerie.  I am thankful that we’ll be able to share this together.  She constantly amazes with her capacity and openness to new experiences.  She shows almost unlimited flexibility and adaptability which I think are 2 vital ingredients for the journey we’re about to undertake.

Together, let’s see what that brings.  I have some ideas and am quite excited to see how they turn out.


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