November in So Cal

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After returning from Nashville (Cooper Family Event), Ralph and Carlie allowed us to leave our motorhome parked on their property.  This allowed us to spend the remainder of the month between visiting with them and spending some time in Torrance with Valerie’s Mom and other family.

Chrissy Bridal Shower

First up was a Bridal Shower for Chrissy.  Her wedding will be on January 19, 2019.  After that we had some family dinners and enjoyed a visit with Mae’s sister in-law who made the trip from Hawaii for Thanksgiving.

Next up:  San Diego, CA


Prescott, AZ

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We’ve been wanting to visit Prescott but we now had additional incentive.  Earlier this year, our friends Tim and Dinah sold their home in Torrance and moved to Prescott, so this stop allowed us to visit with them and to see Prescott.  Tim and Dinah showed us their new town and took us to see many of the great sights around the Prescott area.  We parked the motorhome at Orchard Ranch Resort.

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R&C RV Ranch

OK, this is not an actual RV park.  Our friends Ralph and Carlie generously invite us to park on their property when we pass through.  They have a large property in Sylmar, CA, with a separate entrance at the rear of the lot.  This time they allowed us to leave our motor home parked on their lot while we took a trip to Lake Tahoe for some skiing.


This was a tremendous convenience for us so that we didn’t need to locate a storage facility.  And as a bonus we were able to visit with Ralph, Carlie and their family.  Thank you, Ralph and Carlie.

Next stop: Lake Tahoe