Housesitting in Hermosa Beach


This is our view from the place where we started housesitting today…two blocks back from the beach.  The home owners are a very nice couple with two young sons.  They are away for 5 days and needed someone to look after their home and 2 year old dog.

IMG_4497The dog is super…really sweet and loveable.  We met him first on Saturday when the home owners were still here.  Then we returned this morning after the owners had left.  When we first came in, the dog was freaked out.  It took us about 10 minutes for him to settle down and accept us.  We took him for a short walk to help him adjust to us.

We’re looking forward to hanging out here this week.  The weather is expected to be cool with morning clouds…normal for this time of year at the beach.  But we brought our bikes so we’ll make some time for riding along the beach path.


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