Germany & Austria 2023

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Steve and I departed LA on April 19th on a non-stop flight to Munich.  Our principal motivation for the trip was to attend Frühlingsfest, the spring version of Oktoberfest.  It is held at the same location and has the same general format as Oktoberfest but is somewhat smaller.  We particularly wanted to be there for the opening ceremony which was held in the afternoon on April 21.  Valerie and I were in Munich for Frühlingsfest in 2019 and attended the opening ceremony during which the weather was rainy and chilly.  This time, we were very fortunate to have beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures.  And we were able to get into line to receive a free souvenir 1 liter stein.

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Innsbruck, Austria

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Innsbruck sits in a valley with mountains to its north and south and the Inn River running through it.  Just on the other side of those mountains is Germany to the north and Italy to the south.  With relatively accessible mountain passes in both directions and a bridge across the Inn River (thus the name “Innsbruck”), this town became a very important trade route.  Innsbruck is the capital of the Austrian Federal State of Tirol (or Tyrol).  This region was much larger but the area of South Tirol was ceded to Italy at the conclusion of World War I.

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