RV Electric Roller Shade

Our motorhome has window shades made by MCD Innovations.  These shades are considered to be “cream of the crop”.  Every window has two shades:  a sun shade that blocks the direct sun but allows light to come through and a night shade that completely blocks all light.  These roller shades can be pulled down to any position and will automatically retract slowly when you release them.

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Freehold, NJ (and NYC)

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Northern New Jersey (Newark/New York City) is not very RV friendly.  There are not many campsite/RV park options that will get you close to NYC.  Also, since many of the roadways in this area are older, you have to try to plan your driving route to avoid low clearances as well as tunnel and bridge restrictions.  But we didn’t want to completely bypass NYC.

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Middletown, NY

We re-entered New York from the east, this time.  This was a sort of transitional stop for us.  Middletown is in the Hudson River Valley a little south and west of the town of Poughkeepsie.  We parked for two nights at Korn’s Campground.

Korn's Campground

We did a little cleaning, some shopping and went to see a movie for the first time in months.

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East Hampton, CT

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Connecticut is known as “The Constitution State” based upon the claim that Connecticut had the first written constitution in history, the Fundamental Orders of 1638/39.  In Connecticut we camped at Nelsons Family Campground in East Hampton.  It was close to the very picturesque Lake Pocotopaug.

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