Belize – Eating

Restaurants in Belize offer a variety of foods but, as you would expect, seafood is a significant part of their diet.  Two of the featured items from the sea here are conch and spiny lobster.  Both are found in abundance here but they have designated seasons when they can be harvested.  Fortunately for us, both were in season while we were in Belize.

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San Pedro, Belize

The country of Belize (photos) is located in Central America on the Caribbean coast with Mexico on its northern border and Guatemala to the west.  It is a country with about 340,000 residents with the official language as English.  Spanish is widely spoken but the locals, when speaking to each other use some amalgamation of Spanish, English and Caribbean slang.  It was originally part of the British Empire and was known as British Honduras until it became independent in 1981, retaining Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.

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