Pacific Northwest Seafood

One of the things we enjoy about visiting different parts of the United States or different parts of the world, is having the opportunity to sample the many different foods that have become iconic for that particular location.  The Pacific Northwest has established itself as a source for a wide variety of fresh seafood.

Oysters on the half shell, steamed mussels from Penn Cove on Whidbey Island, crab cakes, salmon, steamed clams in roasted garlic pesto, oyster shooters and fish and chips.  All fresh and locally sourced.


Seattle Center

What we know today as Seattle Center began in 1962 as the site for the World’s Fair or Century 21 as it was then named.  Of course, the Space Needle is the most visible and most visited remnant of the event.  It was intended to evoke the image of a flying saucer and I think you would have to admit that they hit the mark.


After the World’s Fair had concluded the city of Seattle made good use of this 74 acre property and Seattle Center now is home to parks, artwork, fountains, restaurants, museums, theaters,  gardens and of course, the Space Needle.

Seattle Walking Tour

When traveling in South America we have found several places with a “free walking tour”.  We went on these walking tours in Arequipa, Peru, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, for example.  These tours are technically free in that you do not have to pay anything to join the tour, however, at the end you are asked to “contribute” whatever you feel is appropriate.  For the first time in the US we found a free walking tour being offered in Seattle.  We joined it for a 2 hour exploration of downtown Seattle.

Our tour guide Jake from Seattle Free Walking Tour

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