Acton, CA

The next stop in our pieced together summer itinerary was Acton, CA.  It was not originally our intent to be here but without boring you with the details, here we were.  This became our place to ride out the July 4th weekend.  It’s one of the most popular times for families to pack up the RV and this year was a ready made 4 day weekend.  So I’m always concerned about making sure we have a place to park during this time.

Parked in Acton

And that brings us to Acton which is not a big choice for those seeking a family camping adventure, at least not the RV park we were in.  There is a nearby KOA that probably drew more of those families.  We parked at the The Californian RV Resort just off SR-14 a few miles south of Palmdale.  It’s an OK RV park but while we were there, each day saw the mercury rise a little higher than the day before, 91, 93, 95, 100.  We ended up cutting our stay short and made some new last minute plans which I’ll explain in the next post.

Vazquez Rocks County Park

Our first day in Acton, we got an early start and did some hiking among the nearby Vazquez Rocks County Park.  This 932 square mile park has interesting rock formations which were formed by rapid uplift and erosion of the San Gabriel Mountains approximately 25 million years ago.  Good hiking and the Pacific Crest Trail traverses the park.

Next stop:  Crowley Lake Fish Camp


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