Ski Tahoe

Once again we are here at Lake Tahoe (pics) for some skiing.  The ski season has been a little dicey so far with limited snowfall.  This is representative of the serious drought that has gripped California.

Snow day

However, we have been here since February 17th and have been able to enjoy several days of skiing.  Along the way, the nearby mountains have received an additional 20 inches of snow while we have been here which definitely helped to improve the ski conditions.

Valerie has continued to improve her skiing and has been able to experience a substantially larger portion of the runs at the Heavenly Ski Resort.

This is our third winter experience in the past 9 months.  We were in South America during their winter in June and July, even had some snowfall in Mendoza, Argentina.  Then we had some winter weather during our road trip, most notably a snowfall in the mountains of West Virginia in late December.  Now we are here in Lake Tahoe and have had two snowfalls during our stay.


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