Back to Portland–June 2018

(Click here for more photographs.)

When we were here back in early May, we knew we needed to nail down an RV spot in which to ride out the July 4th holiday period.  This is traditionally a very busy time for RV parks so you need to book early.  In addition, we needed to make arrangements to get to an event in Las Vegas scheduled for June 28 – July 1.  This event was the Iwashita-Akiyama family reunion.  This is a family group related to Valerie’s maternal grandmother.  Their first event was 3 years ago and they arranged to repeat it at the 3 year mark.  A good number of the group traveled from Hawaii for the event.

Iwashita-Akiyama family reunion

This time, in Portland we parked at Jantzen Beach RV Park located on the Columbia River.  Leaving the motorhome parked there, we flew to Las Vegas on 6/28 and enjoyed the weekend with the family group.  There were approximately 50 people participating and they had some very nice group events.  Yes, it was hot in Las Vegas, 107 degrees, but you just don’t go outside much until after dark.  Since I needed to get to a doctor appointment in Los Angeles, we rented a car and drove from Las Vegas to LA on Sunday and stayed overnight with Valerie’s mom.  After the appointment, we flew from LA back to Portland on Monday evening.

We spent the next few days getting caught up on shopping and maintenance tasks.  This took us through the holiday period.

Next stop:  Umatilla, OR


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