Frankfort & Lexington, Kentucky

I’m combining our visit to Frankfort and Lexington (pics) since they are geographically very close and we visited both cities during our stop in this part of Kentucky.

Thoroughbred Park

Lexington is Kentucky’s second largest city and home to the University of Kentucky.  It is also home to many of Kentucky’s thoroughbred horse breeders and horse farms.  Thoroughbred Park in the downtown area is a 2.5 acre urban park containing 13 life-sized horse sculptures including 7 horses storming down a track.

Frankfort - Capitol Rotunda

Frankfort is the capital city for Kentucky and has an Old Capitol Building in addition to the current capitol building.  From 1792 to 1830, two buildings were used as the capitol, both of which burned completely.  The old capitol building served from 1830 until 1910.  Unfortunately, this building was not open for the public during the time of our visit.  The current capitol building is perhaps the most beautiful we have seen so far.  The rotunda contains a striking statue of Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the most famous of Kentucky’s citizens.


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