Lake Tahoe–Summer 2011


In the winter, the Lake Tahoe area is one of the best places to visit.  There are multiple world class ski areas and every conceivable winter sport available.  Generally, the mountains surrounding the lake get a significant amount of snow so there is rarely any concern that you will be able to enjoy your favorite activity.  From late October last year until late April this year, the highest elevations received a cumulative total of approximately 60 feet of snowfall.

As spectacular as Lake Tahoe is for winter fun, it is equally or possibly even better for summer fun.  On the water or in the surrounding mountains, you can indulge every sort of outdoor activity.  Boating and water skiing, sailing, fishing, para-sailing, hiking, biking and mountain climbing.  All while surrounded by the most stunning lake and mountain vistas imaginable.

IMG_3740We were fortunate to be able to visit our friends who have a house not far from the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe.  We were able to go hiking, bicycle riding and take a sailboat ride.  It’s so difficult to choose photos that best capture the beauty of Lake Tahoe.  Our photography skills are just not adequate.  I’m not sure anyone can truly capture what it’s like.  When hiking you can see meadows filled with wildflowers framed by the lake and snow capped mountains.  We hope the photos will give you some feel for this beautiful place.


2 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe–Summer 2011

  1. It truly looks beautiful. Something tells me it’s not 100 degrees in the shade.
    So glad you and Valerie are enjoying some wonderful trips.
    Take care,

  2. It so beautiful. I love that there are so many diverse things to do. What a great looking beach. The water is so clear. Looks like there has to be some awesome fishing year round. Have a safe trip. Please don’t lose Val. Love, you both!!!

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