Selected Photos–Volume 2

Once again, here are photos of some of our favorite places.  Photography by Valerie.

American Falls, Horseshoe Falls in the background

Niagara Falls State Park:  Niagara Falls, New York, June 2016. Continue reading


Columbia Falls, MT & Glacier National Park

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This is the first time in Montana for both of us.  Columbia Falls is located southwest of the west entrance to Glacier National Park.  We parked at the LaSalle RV Park.

Glacier National Park

I don’t attempt to rank national parks and other places of natural beauty since each place offers something unique and special.  But suffice it to say that Glacier National Park gave us many opportunities to feel overwhelmed with the sheer scale and beauty of what we were seeing.  This place that was carved and shaped by geological forces and glaciers occupies about one million acres in northwestern Montana.

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