Bad News, Good News

All’s well that ends.


Ok, the bad news first.  In our prior post, we shared that our luggage didn’t make it to Quito.  On Friday we went out to, among other things, visit the TACA office in Quito to see if we could get better information about the location of our luggage.  They were no help, just a ticket sales office.  We also took advantage of the nearby Mega-Maxi (Wal-Mart type of store) to pick up a few essential items that we no longer wanted to be without.  This was about an hour walk from our hotel so we decided to take the “trole” back.  This is a bus that runs its route on dedicated lanes so it doesn’t get hung up in the traffic.  We had utilized this bus when we were in Quito two years ago.  It was extremely crowded.  We had to push our way on and off.  Once off, we realized that Valerie’s camera was gone.  Also, her shoulder bag had been cut and her English-Spanish translator was gone.

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