Hocking Hills State Park

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Hocking Hills State Park is located about 60 miles southeast of Columbus, OH.  It is a series of non-contiguous natural areas, many of which are beautiful alcoves and overhangs carved into shale and sandstone.  The result is impressive waterfalls, gorges and vistas.  We camped at the Top O’ The Caves campground.  From there we were able to hike to Ash Cave, Cedar Falls and to the most popular spot in Hocking Hills, Old Man’s Cave.

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Oregon State Capitol

The Oregon State Capitol is located in the city of Salem which is only about 45 miles south of Portland.  This is a working building that houses state executive offices as well as chambers for both branches of the legislature.

Oregon State Capitol and grounds

On February 14, 1859, Oregon became the 33rd state to be admitted to the United States.  The current Capitol building was constructed from 1936 to 1938.  It is the third structure to serve as the Capitol, both of the earlier buildings were destroyed by fire.

Phoenix, Arizona

Since Phoenix (pics) is the capital city of Arizona, naturally we had to visit the Capitol building.  This Capitol, like others we have visited no longer houses the current legislative chambers.  In Phoenix the Capitol is flanked by more recently constructed buildings for the House of Representatives and Senate.  The Capitol has been remodeled to look as it did when it was originally dedicated in 1901 and now serves as a state museum.

Winged figure atop the dome also a windvane

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