View From The Top

We figured the best view of Seattle (pics) and surrounding area would be from the highest point.  The Columbia Center building in downtown Seattle has a Sky View Observatory on its 73rd floor.  The total building height is 943 feet with the height at the observatory being 902 feet.

Looking north; Puget Sound on the left, Lake Union on the right

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Seattle Center

What we know today as Seattle Center began in 1962 as the site for the World’s Fair or Century 21 as it was then named.  Of course, the Space Needle is the most visible and most visited remnant of the event.  It was intended to evoke the image of a flying saucer and I think you would have to admit that they hit the mark.


After the World’s Fair had concluded the city of Seattle made good use of this 74 acre property and Seattle Center now is home to parks, artwork, fountains, restaurants, museums, theaters,  gardens and of course, the Space Needle.