It’s Ski Season


On January 14, 2013, we finally made our way to Tahoe for some skiing.  The Sierra Mountains had good early snowfall and ski areas have built up a good base.  We have been able to ski a bit so far and conditions have been excellent.  We’ve had clear skies with daytime temps in the mid 40’s.  Not warm enough to get any significant melting but warm enough for comfortable skiing. Continue reading



IMG_8492Our friends Steve and Wende offered us the opportunity to join them at their beautiful place in Tahoe and get a shot at some skiing before we left for Ecuador.  So on December 10th, Tim and Dinah joined us for a few days of early season skiing at Homewood and Heavenly.  Unfortunately, there hadn’t been any snow since the early storm during Thanksgiving so you had to be alert for rocks and, in the early part of the day, for icy patches.  But, we had a good time anyway.

IMG_8526The good news is that on the 14th, we got a foot of new snow and the following day was picture perfect.  No wind, blue skies and new snow.  Couldn’t get any better.