Arlington, WA

We stopped in Arlington in order to be in position to get some work completed on the motorhome.  It’s a long story that I will try to summarize.

Back in mid-April, when we pulled into Myers Flat, CA, after shutting off the engine I heard a hissing sound coming from the engine compartment.  My impression was that it was an air conditioner hose but wasn’t sure.  There was a mechanic just outside the entrance to the RV park and he checked it out and concurred that the A/C hose had developed a leak.  He attempted to order a replacement from a local Ford dealership but when I went to pick it up to was not the correct hose.


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RV Repairs and Upgrades – Part II

In Part I we told about the repair of our leveler motor, slide lock mechanism and an upgrade for our rooftop satellite system. This part is about our first major DIY project, actually, it wasn’t exactly “do it yourself” since I had major assistance from my friend Ralph.

Since I have no place to do work on the motorhome, I had asked Ralph if I could bring it up to his house for this project since he has a large lot in back of the house where he parks his motorhome. He agreed and we arranged for a time in mid-December.

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RV Repairs and Upgrades – Part I

You may recall that during our summer trip, our leveler motor died. We attempted to get it repaired in Idaho Falls, ID, but the timing didn’t work out. The manufacturer determined that they would need more time than expected to make the parts. So we arranged to have the parts shipped to Camping World in La Mirada, CA, once they had been manufactured. We continued our trip through Idaho, Utah, Nevada and back into Southern California. Once we got back we arranged for the parts to be installed. This was completed in late October.

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