RV Electric Roller Shade

Our motorhome has window shades made by MCD Innovations.  These shades are considered to be “cream of the crop”.  Every window has two shades:  a sun shade that blocks the direct sun but allows light to come through and a night shade that completely blocks all light.  These roller shades can be pulled down to any position and will automatically retract slowly when you release them.

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RV Step Motor Replacement

The steps on our RV are operated by an electric motor that turns a semi-circular shaped metal plate.  That plate has a has an arm attached to it that causes the steps to extend and retract.  The motor works on the principal that it will continue to run until it meets a certain amount of resistance and then it will stop.  So, for example, if you open the door when you are parked near a curb, the steps will extend until they bump into the curb then the motor will stop.

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RV House Batteries

The morning after we arrived at our RV park in Mesa, AZ, we discovered that none of our electrical outlets were working.  All other electric appliances were functioning.  We were plugged into the RV park’s 50 amp service.  I went through all of the (limited) troubleshooting that I could think of:  checked all circuit breakers and reset the GFCI outlet.  No luck.

We went to the pancake breakfast that is held weekly at the park and asked the park staff if there was someone on-site that might be able to help us troubleshoot this problem.  They gave us a phone number but I wasn’t able to immediately reach that person.  We went for a walk around the park and on the way back we met our neighbors.  This park is a mix of RV spaces and permanently attached “park models”.  This neighbor owns the park model just behind our RV space.  While chatting with them, they mentioned that they had experienced some electrical problem overnight and that they had contacted the park maintenance staff to check it out.  This sounded like too much coincidence.

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Shelley, ID

In Shelley, ID, (pics) we parked for two nights at the North Bingham County Park which has 12 RV spaces on the grounds of this park that sits alongside the Snake River.  Our reason for being in Shelley has to do with the levelers on our motorhome.  They stopped working when we were in Northern California at Eagle Lake.  The jacks simply no longer operate.  We arranged to have it checked out in Bend, OR, where they determined that the motor that operates the leveling jacks was defective and would have to be replaced.  When they contacted the manufacturer, they were told that the part is not stocked and would need to be built requiring about two weeks.

North Bingham County Park

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