Hamburg, Germany

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The crest for the city of Hamburg prominently features a castle which represents the Hammaburg that was built by order of Charlemagne around the year 808 AD.  Subsequently the castle was attacked and destroyed, by Vikings, then rebuilt no less than 8 times.  Hamburg really got a boost when, in 1189, Frederick I granted it the status of a Free Imperial City and tax free access into the North Sea.  This made the city a major port in Northern Europe.  In more recent times, they have discovered that in fact, Frederick I died before he could sign this actual document but they were successful in convincing others that he had done so.

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Liverpool, England

The “liver bird” is a mythical creature that has been the symbol for the city of Liverpool (pics) since it was first used on its corporate seal in 1350.  It is generally represented as a cormorant-like bird and can be seen in various places around the city, most notably atop the twin towers of the Royal Liver Building.  Legend has it that were these two birds to fly away then the city would cease to exist.

Royal Liver Building

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