San Juan del Sur

a view of the beach and reastuarnts in San Juan Del Sur

From Ometepe, our next stop was San Juan del Sur (Photos), a beach town on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua.  This part of Nicaragua is only about 25 or 30km wide between the western shore of Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific coast.  Once we arrived back in San Jorge on the ferry from Ometepe, we needed to get a taxi for the short ride to Rivas to hop a bus to San Juan del Sur (SJDS).  Naturally, the taxi drivers began telling us how much better it would be if we would only allow them to drive us directly to SJDS rather than wait for that crowded, slow bus.  It was only noon and we were in no hurry so we kept telling them that we would wait for the bus.  One particularly persistent taxi driver kept following us and lowering his price.  I think he needed to return to SJDS and was just hoping to get someone to cover his gas cost.  When he got to $3 each for us we said, “Esta bien.  Vamos.”  (He did try to give himself a bonus when we arrived by fudging the exchange rate.  I was paying with Cordobas and he was calculating the exchange at about 26.5 vs 22.5.  Hey, a deal’s a deal.)

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