Liberia & Nicoya Peninsula

Sight on our drive to Coco Beach

Liberia serves primarily as the gateway to the Nicoya Peninsula (photos).  It’s not a very big town but Costa Rica made the investment to build an international airport on the west side of Liberia along the road that leads to Nicoya.  The Pacific side of the peninsula is lined with beautiful beaches, many with very good surfing opportunities.  Playa Del Coco, a popular beach destination, is only about 30km from Liberia.

Sights of Coco BeachWe spent 3 nights in Liberia getting our bearings and planning our next moves in Costa Rica.  We stayed at a small but pleasant Hostel that is conveniently located near the bus station, the mercado and a supermarket, Maxi Bodega, which I believe is part of the Walmart empire.  Our hosts, two young men, one a native of Costa Rica (Jesus), the other a transplant from Indianapolis (Shawn), made us feel very welcome and comfortable.  Jesus is an artist and some of his paintings are hanging in the rooms of the hostel.  The day after our arrival, they were heading to Playa del Coco for a half day to enjoy the beach and invited us to go along so that we could check it out and see if we wanted to spend a few days there.  While there, we checked out some of the accommodations and booked a room for a subsequent visit. Continue reading