Isla de Ometepe

Our view from the viewing point

We explained how we got to the island and a little about Finca El Porvenir.  In addition to the natural beauty of this island, there are petraglyphs located around various parts of the island but many are in the area of El Porvenir.  These stone carvings depicting humans, animals, birds and other geometrics shapes are courtesy of the Chorotega settlement dating back to around 300 B.C.  Here are some samples along with some other photos.  To locate on the map where we stayed, if you see the road crossing the isthmus right along the coast, take a right at Santa Cruz and El Porvenir is about 1.5km along that road.

Our guide Harold telling us about the rice fieldEl Porvenir is also the primary point at which to begin a hike up the Maderas volcano.  We were able to join a group that was setting out to hike to the top.  The group consisted of a local guide, 2 ladies from Germany and 1 lady from Holland.  Valerie and I weren’t prepared to hike to the top (about 5,000 feet elevation gain, we hadn’t prepared lunch and perhaps not quite fit enough) but the guide agreed to have us join them to the viewpoint, which is about halfway up.  He said that he could have someone bring us back down to El Porvenir.  The hike to the top is generally an 8 hour round trip.  To the viewpoint is a 3 to 4 hour round trip.

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