Las Isletas–Lake Nicaragua

Our boat ride around Las Isletes

We were told that he’s called Pedro.  He was apparently the designated representative to greet our boat when we stopped by Monkey Island.  This island is very small, only about a hop, skip and small jump to get across it.  We’re told that this is the only island out of the 360 small islands which dot this part of Lake Nicaragua to have monkeys and that there are 4 who live here.

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19 de Julio


On this date in 1979, the FSLN were able to claim victory over the 4 decade dictatorship of the Samoza family.  The Samoza’s enriched themselves at the expense of the citizens of Nicaragua and carried out killings aimed at the rebel uprisings throughout the years.  A major turning point was a massive earthquake in Managua in 1972 that killed 6,000 and left over 250,000 homeless.  A vast amount of the international aid that poured into the country was diverted to benefit the Samoza’s rather than to benefit the victims of the earthquake.  This provoked massive demonstrations and calls for the removal of Samoza and greatly stoked the efforts of the Sandinista Liberation Front, the FSLN.

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