Family Reunion 2014

Once again it was time for our Cooper family reunion at the Eagles Cove Resort on Dale Hollow Lake.  We have this each year on the weekend following the Thanksgiving weekend.  Valerie and I flew into Nashville where we were met by my sister and then spent the night with her before heading to Dale Hollow Lake.

Our cabins on the lake

Along with my three siblings, we arrive at the lake on Wednesday, spend Wednesday and Thursday together before the rest of the family arrives on Friday.  In all we total 25, I think.  I suppose you could call it habit or repetition, but we follow a similar menu format each year which simplifies the planning somewhat.  It’s a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, food and love.

Breakfast anyone?

Nashville, Tennessee

Even though I spent my first 21 years living just 100 miles north of Nashville (pics), this was my first time to visit there as a sightseer.  We began our tour at the Tennessee State Capitol Building.  Unfortunately, the building is closed on the weekend so we were not able to tour the inside.

Tennessee state map etched into cement

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