RV Electric Roller Shade

Our motorhome has window shades made by MCD Innovations.  These shades are considered to be “cream of the crop”.  Every window has two shades:  a sun shade that blocks the direct sun but allows light to come through and a night shade that completely blocks all light.  These roller shades can be pulled down to any position and will automatically retract slowly when you release them.

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RV Step Motor Replacement

The steps on our RV are operated by an electric motor that turns a semi-circular shaped metal plate.  That plate has a has an arm attached to it that causes the steps to extend and retract.  The motor works on the principal that it will continue to run until it meets a certain amount of resistance and then it will stop.  So, for example, if you open the door when you are parked near a curb, the steps will extend until they bump into the curb then the motor will stop.

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