Mexico Street Food

We thought it would be fun to review some of our favorite street foods we encountered in our recent trip to Mexico.  You have to start with the ubiquitous fruit and juice carts.  They will generally have a variety of cut fruits like mango, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, jicama and sometimes cucumber.  Of course, you can have a little salt and chili powder sprinkled on top with a good squeeze of lime.  The cart in the photo was located just outside of the main market in Guadalajara.  It’s a daily treat.

Fruit cart

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Morelia Michoacan, Mexico

“Morelia is the coolest place you’ve never been.”

This is how our guidebook begins the section on this city (more photos) of 650,000 people that is a little more than halfway between Guadalajara and Mexico City and I’m inclined to agree with the writer.  The historical center of the city is filled with 16th and 17th-century stone buildings with baroque facades, balconies with iron railings and archways fill the interior courtyards.  There are nice restaurants, sidewalk cafes, rooftop lounges, museums and, of course, beautiful churches.  We’d like to share our list of the top 5 coolest things about Morelia, but first, a word about bus travel in Mexico.

Fuente Las Tarascas

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