Picabo, ID (Sun Valley)

If you were driving along US Highway 20 in eastern Idaho, you might well not give much notice as you pass by Picabo, ID (pics), pronounced pick’-a-boo.  There’s not much to attract your attention, the Picabo Angler store with Texaco gas pumps and the Rancher’s Supply store  across the street are the only noticeable enterprises.  Alongside the highway is a small RV park with 17 spaces which is adjacent to a field belonging to one of the many ranches around Picabo, this one has about 40 or 50 sheep, two llamas and two horses.  Nice neighbors.

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Crater Lake

Almost 8,000 years ago, the peaks of Mount Mazama (pics) towered some 12,000 feet above sea level.  But eventually, the huge chamber of magma beneath the base of the mountain would no longer be contained.  It began to erupt and eventually a series of eruptions formed a ring around the mountain and caused the mountain top to collapse forming a huge caldera.

Crater Lake - Phantom Ship viewpoint

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