Lejeune’s Bakery

Located in Jeanerette, Louisiana, LeJeune’s Bakery has been baking french bread since 1884.  It is now operated by a 5th generation descendent of the founder Oscar LeJeune.  This is Cajun country and french bread is a staple.  Many area eateries use their rolls for Po Boy sandwiches.  LeJeune’s ships the bread to lots of grocery stores throughout the south as well as direct to consumers.

While passing through Jeanerette, we made a quick stop and purchased a roll of french bread, garlic bread and one of their ginger cakes.  You’ll notice in the picture that a pinch of the french bread roll is missing.  It was still warm from the oven and we couldn’t wait for a quick sample.

Except for mixing the dough, the process used to make the bread, kneading, separating and forming the loaves, is all done by hand in pretty much that same way for the past 132 years.  The loaf is white, soft and fluffy inside and brown and crusty on the outside.