Cusco, Peru (Part I)

Cusco holds the claim as the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America.  It is the foremost city of the Inca Empire with ornate cathedrals, cobblestone streets and Inca temple ruins.  And it is the gateway to Machu Picchu which accounts for a constant throb of tourism and all of its attendant supporting commerce.

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Pumapungo–Banco Central Museum


February 16, 2011.  Getting caught up on our time in Cuenca, considered to be the most important museum in Cuenca, the Banco Central Museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts from the ancient Inca residents of the valley where Cuenca now sits as well as dioramas depicting the typical life of the early inhabitants of the various regions of Ecuador.  We were not allowed to take photos inside the museum, however, no such restriction for the ruins. Continue reading