Hamburg, Germany

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The crest for the city of Hamburg prominently features a castle which represents the Hammaburg that was built by order of Charlemagne around the year 808 AD.  Subsequently the castle was attacked and destroyed, by Vikings, then rebuilt no less than 8 times.  Hamburg really got a boost when, in 1189, Frederick I granted it the status of a Free Imperial City and tax free access into the North Sea.  This made the city a major port in Northern Europe.  In more recent times, they have discovered that in fact, Frederick I died before he could sign this actual document but they were successful in convincing others that he had done so.

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Crescent City, CA

Continuing our travel up the Pacific coast, we stopped off for a couple of days in Crescent City.  There’s not a lot to see here but there is a nice harbor and waterfront area.  We encountered quite a bit of rain and were rewarded with a lovely full rainbow.

We also enjoyed a local seafood restaurant and market, Crescent Seafood.  They served a terrific Cioppino made with a rich tomato based sauce.  It was filled with crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters and bits of fish.  It really went well with the cold, rainy weather.

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College Park, MD

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College Park is located very conveniently where I95 meets I495 (“The Beltway”) on the north side of Washington, DC.  For those wishing to visit our nation’s capital city the Cherry Hill Park campground provides a close by place to call home.  Directly from the park you can take a city bus to the nearest Metro station.  Our purpose for stopping here was primarily to visit Valerie’s sisters.  Cyndie lives in Germantown, MD, and Jenni lives in Arlington, VA.

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