RV House Batteries

The morning after we arrived at our RV park in Mesa, AZ, we discovered that none of our electrical outlets were working.  All other electric appliances were functioning.  We were plugged into the RV park’s 50 amp service.  I went through all of the (limited) troubleshooting that I could think of:  checked all circuit breakers and reset the GFCI outlet.  No luck.

We went to the pancake breakfast that is held weekly at the park and asked the park staff if there was someone on-site that might be able to help us troubleshoot this problem.  They gave us a phone number but I wasn’t able to immediately reach that person.  We went for a walk around the park and on the way back we met our neighbors.  This park is a mix of RV spaces and permanently attached “park models”.  This neighbor owns the park model just behind our RV space.  While chatting with them, they mentioned that they had experienced some electrical problem overnight and that they had contacted the park maintenance staff to check it out.  This sounded like too much coincidence.

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