Grand Canyon National Park–North Rim

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Now that we have had the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon from both the South and North Rims, I must say I prefer the North Rim.  The North Rim is more remote and takes a bit more effort to get to, 80 miles from Kanab, UT, and 154 miles from Page, AZ.  Therefore, it gets fewer visitors because of that and because it offers less in the way of accommodations and services.  As a result you get what seems like a more personal and unhurried experience.

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Yellowstone National Park

Yes, Yellowstone National Park (pics) is home to Old Faithful, but it is so much more than that.  As most people know, Old Faithful is not the most spectacular or the oldest or the biggest geyser in YNP but it is one of the biggest that is most predictable, erupting approximately every 60 to 90 minutes.  Old Faithful is located in the Upper Geyser Basin which is part of the most active area of the park in terms of thermal features.

Old Faithful Inn - Upper Geyser Basin

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Grand Teton National Park

The Teton mountain range is somewhat unique in that it looks very different from the western side versus the eastern side.  The western side has rolling foothills which fits our picture of most mountain ranges.  On the eastern side, when the mountains were thrust upward, the eastern plane dropped leaving dramatic sheer cliffs extending some 6 to 7,000 feet above the plane that extends from its foot.

Grand Tetons from Colter Bay

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Eagle Lake, California

Eagle Lake (pics) used to be one of the largest lakes in California but the drought has caused it to shrink significantly in the past few years like so many other California lakes.  The southern portion of the lake can still support some fishing for the rainbow trout for which this lake is known.


After leaving Tahoe and Carson City, we headed north and spent 4 nights here at the Eagle Lake RV Resort.  It is a nice RV park with mostly shaded sites.  We were one of the few residents during our time here.  Four nights was way too long for us here especially since we don’t fish.  However, we needed the time to finally settle into our motorhome for the upcoming extended trip.  We spent our time organizing the interior cabinets and storage compartments as well as the “basement” storage and cleaning the exterior of the coach and car.  As time goes on we should have less need to ask each other, “Where did we put that?”

It was a productive time with an opportunity for relaxing as well.  Next up, Tulelake, CA, at the Butte Valley Fairgrounds.