Cusco, Peru (Part II)

Cusco (or Cuzco, photos) is the unquestioned capital of the Inca empire, both during the heyday of the Inca civilization just prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the 1500’s and today.  Legend has it that the city was founded in the 12th century and reached the pinnacle of its importance for the Inca world during the 100 years prior to the arrival of the conquistadors in 1532.

Cusco is so beautiful

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Machu Picchu & Aguas Calientes, Peru

This just in:  Machu Picchu is amazing.

Right.  So, I’m not going to presume that I can provide some insight to this incredible place that hasn’t already been documented in countless ways.  I’ll settle for sharing a little of our experience in visiting Machu Picchu and some of the photos we captured.  Again, you can easily find perhaps higher quality photos but these pictures represent what we saw and the way we saw it.

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