Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe (pics) is the state capital of New Mexico and at 7,000 feet above sea level, is the highest capital city in the United States.  It also lays claim as the oldest capital city at over 400 years.  Let me ‘splain.  The Spanish explorers pushed north from Mexico in search for gold during the mid-1500’s, reaching as far as Santa Fe and established it as the capital of Nuevo Mexico in 1610, thus over 400 years as a capital city.  It wasn’t until 1912 that New Mexico was admitted to the United States as its 47th state.  This followed the Mexican-American war in the mid-1800’s and the subsequent Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ceded nearly all of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico to the U.S.  Santa Fe remained the capital city of the newly admitted state.

NM Capital Building

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