November in So Cal

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After returning from Nashville (Cooper Family Event), Ralph and Carlie allowed us to leave our motorhome parked on their property.  This allowed us to spend the remainder of the month between visiting with them and spending some time in Torrance with Valerie’s Mom and other family.

Chrissy Bridal Shower

First up was a Bridal Shower for Chrissy.  Her wedding will be on January 19, 2019.  After that we had some family dinners and enjoyed a visit with Mae’s sister in-law who made the trip from Hawaii for Thanksgiving.

Next up:  San Diego, CA


Desert Center, CA

From Prescott, AZ, we needed a place to stop in order to break up the drive that would get us to Southern California.  The Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort in Desert Center fulfilled that requirement.

Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort

Desert Center, located approximately halfway between Phoenix and Los Angeles, has a colorful history.  It was founded in 1921 by Stephen A. Ragsdale, also know as “Desert Steve”.  He and his wife began with a simple shack and provided vehicle repair, fuel and refreshments to travelers.  Desert Center offered the only such services for 50 miles in either direction.  Today, there is not much left in Desert Center.  However, there is a small golf and retirement community centered around a nice lake.  We spent two nights at Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort before continuing our drive west.

Next stop:  Sylmar, CA

Crescent City, CA

Continuing our travel up the Pacific coast, we stopped off for a couple of days in Crescent City.  There’s not a lot to see here but there is a nice harbor and waterfront area.  We encountered quite a bit of rain and were rewarded with a lovely full rainbow.

We also enjoyed a local seafood restaurant and market, Crescent Seafood.  They served a terrific Cioppino made with a rich tomato based sauce.  It was filled with crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters and bits of fish.  It really went well with the cold, rainy weather.

Next stop:  Coos Bay, OR

Myers Flat, CA

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From Napa we moved a bit north and west drawing closer to the California coast, landing in Myers Flat, CA.  This put us in the heart of the Humbolt Redwoods State Park.  The giant redwoods stretch from central California to southern Oregon along the coast in the fog belt.  We visited the redwood forests on our road trip back in 2014.

Coastal Redwoods

The giant redwoods are the tallest living things on earth, growing to 379 feet high and can have a diameter up to 26 feet.  Many of these trees live for over 600 years with the oldest known redwood at about 2,200 years old.  They are uniquely resistant to insect attack, fungal infection and rot.

Next stop:  Crescent City, CA

Napa, CA

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It became known as the “Judgement of Paris”, perhaps the most famous wine tasting in recent history.  In 1976, a British wine enthusiast named Steve Spurrier set up a competition between the best of California’s Chardonnay and Cabernet wines against wines from France’s Bordeaux and Burgundy.  California wines won in both categories as determined by the panel of 9 French judges.  Needless to say this rocked the wine world and put California’s Napa Valley winemakers on the world stage.

For our visit to Napa Valley we parked at the Skyline Wilderness park located on the south side of the town of Napa.  We did some wine tasting but mostly we visited some of the more interesting wineries, notable for their architecture or art or the view.  Among those we visited:  Beringer, Hall, Inglenook, Chimney Rock, Monticello, Andretti, Del Dotto, Darioush and Artesa.  We also poked around the towns of St. Helena, Yountville and of course, Napa.

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