April 2022

(Click here for more photographs.)

The month began with completing our move into the house in San Diego.  Once settled, we went for a local hike around the nearby Lake Miramar reservoir and then up to Murrieta to watch Mia play T-ball and have lunch with the family.

On the 10th, Valerie and I had an anniversary brunch on Shelter Island near downtown San Diego.  While dining, we noticed the cruise ships docked in San Diego and were inspired to check out upcoming cruises.  When we saw that there was a 5 night cruise departing on the 17th, we decided to take advantage of it.

Cruise ship in Cabo San Lucas

The ship departed on April 17th with stops in Cabo San Lucas and Ensenada.  In Cabo we took a nice tour boat that provided great views of the famous Cabo rocks, the bay and shoreline and even some whale sightings.  The Norwegian Cruise Lines ship offered excellent food, super service and lively entertainment.

One reason for taking the cruise was to provide a break ahead of the birth of Chrissy’s baby due to occur in early May.  However, two days prior to our return, we received word that Chrissy had given birth early.  Norah Mae was born in the wee hours of April 20th.

Norah Mae

Fortunately, just as we returned from the cruise, Chrissy and Norah were ready to come home from the hospital.  So, even though Valerie wasn’t able to be on-hand for the birth she was able to help bring Norah home for the first time.  Needless to say, the remainder of April was all about Norah.


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