Chesapeake Beach

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On July 3, 2021, we had the pleasure of joining Valerie’s sisters and their families for a day trip outing to Chesapeake Beach, MD.  Jeff’s parents have a home in Chesapeake Beach which is on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Chesapeake Beach

It was a beautiful day to enjoy this day at the beach.  Jenni and Jeff brought their kayaks for everyone to enjoy.  We had some nice food and snacks to sustain us throughout the day.  In addition, thanks to the kindness of one of the residents next to the beach, we had the opportunity to try out paddle boarding.

Paddle board

Fun fact:  The Chesapeake Bay is the site of one of the largest impact craters in the United States.  Approximately 35 million years ago, a bolide made impact traveling at nearly 37 miles per second.  The resulting impact crater is about 50 miles in diameter.  It was not recognized until the early 1990’s when data from oil exploration revealed the extent of the crater.


One thought on “Chesapeake Beach

  1. Looks like a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach! Obviously a little cooler than in Florida!

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