The Move – Day 1

The fun began yesterday, Day 0.  We had reserved the trailer for pickup at 9:00am on 5/25.  I arrived a few minutes prior and noticed that the trailer was there in the parking lot.  Once the office opened, I went inside along with one other customer.  The trailer was, in fact, the one reserved for us but there was a problem with one of the safety chains.  They were attempting either locate a nearby replacement or get someone to repair the chain.  Bottom line, I went back home to await the outcome not knowing when we might get a trailer.

Truck and U-Haul Trailer

I got a call a couple of hours later letting me know that they had found a replacement and expected to receive it by 2:00pm.  I was able to go back and pick up the trailer and arrived back home just before 3:00pm.  This put us into the hottest part of a 97 degree day for loading the trailer.  We were able to complete the loading by 6:00pm.  Not too bad.

We departed Wednesday morning at about 6:20am.  We had a generally uneventful day of driving with partly cloudy skies and temps ranging from the upper 70’s to the low 90’s.  The first part of the trip was along I-10 to Phoenix.  We then turned northeast to traverse the lovely mountains through the Tonto and Apache Sitgreaves National Forests to Holbrook, AZ, where we will spend our first night.  Most people think of Arizona as being just desert and cactus but it is actually very mountainous with some very nice mountain ranges.  Day 1 total drive was about 450 miles.


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