Tahoe Ski Trip 2019

(Click here for more photographs.)

In early February we headed to Lake Tahoe to enjoy some skiing.  Just prior to our departure a substantial storm moved through the Sierras dropping several feet of new snow.


Once again, our friends Steve & Wende invited us to stay at their home near South Lake Tahoe, NV.  When we arrived, the first order of business was to remove enough snow from the driveway to get the car off the street.

In the first few days, we skied twice and encountered terrific weather and great snow conditions.  However, a series of storms rolled through bringing more and more snow.  Ironically, too much snow.  During the peak of the storm, it snowed for four days, almost non-stop, bringing about 8 feet of new snow to the higher elevations.  So much snow that it was difficult to just get out.  And even if you could get to the ski lifts, many of the lifts were not operating.  They needed time to clear some of the snow.  And we had many more opportunities to practice our snow shoveling skills.

After that round of storms, our friends Steve and Tim arrived to join us.  We were able to get out for a snowmobiling tour which took us up into the Hope Valley south of Lake Tahoe.  It was a beautiful day with clear skies among the dramatic scenery.  We were surrounded by the snow blanketed peaks soaring to 10,000 feet.  In the next week we were able to ski a few times but more storms and high winds limited our opportunities.  On a couple of days, we had clear skies but there were very limited lifts open due to the wind.

At any rate, we enjoyed spending time with Steve and Tim.  And we really appreciate Steve & Wende allowing us to stay in their beautiful Tahoe home.


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