R&C RV Ranch

OK, this is not an actual RV park.  Our friends Ralph and Carlie generously invite us to park on their property when we pass through.  They have a large property in Sylmar, CA, with a separate entrance at the rear of the lot.  This time they allowed us to leave our motor home parked on their lot while we took a trip to Lake Tahoe for some skiing.


This was a tremendous convenience for us so that we didn’t need to locate a storage facility.  And as a bonus we were able to visit with Ralph, Carlie and their family.  Thank you, Ralph and Carlie.

Next stop: Lake Tahoe


One thought on “R&C RV Ranch

  1. You’re welcome! It was our pleasure. Can’t wait for the next visit!🐠🥑🍤
    You’re getting good at dominos too!

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