Kings Canyon National Park

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Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are closely related with Kings Canyon just to the north of Sequoia.  In fact, if you visit the National Park Service website, the two national parks are grouped together.  Kings Canyon has two parts:  the massive canyon for which it is named and a smaller component on the west face the Sierra Nevada with sequoia groves.

General Grant tree

This is where you will find the General Grant giant sequoia tree.  It is a near twin to the General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park however, although it is somewhat younger it is a little bit larger at the base.  We followed one of the trails in the area of Grants Grove where there has been substantial fire damage in recent times.  There you can see how nature recovers.  There are thousands of little sequoia seedlings growing.  In some areas they are so thick they look like a deep green rug.  Hopefully, one day many of these will grow to be giants.

Kings Canyon - Zumwalt Meadow

From here you can drive 30 miles east to descend into Kings Canyon.  It is a deep and wide glacial canyon with towering granite peaks on both sides.  The south fork of the Kings River runs through the base of the canyon.  It is truly a breathtakingly beautiful place.  Zumwalt Meadows is one place where you can take in the beauty of the green meadow with the river alongside and soaring granite peaks all around.

Also, while we were in the park they were conducting a prescribed burn in an area near the entrance.  Interesting to see a “controlled forest fire”.

Next stop:  Oakhurst, CA


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