Morro Bay

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We have visited Morro Bay a few times but this has been our first stay here in the motorhome.  We stayed at a very nice small RV park which is ideally located with a two block walk to the center of town and a two block walk in the other direction to reach the waterfront.


We started every day with a walk down to the waterfront and followed the walking path out to Morro Rock.  There was always a bunch of sea otters (called a “raft”) hanging out just off shore in the shadow of the rock.  You just have to stop each time and watch them for a few minutes.


While here we did some hiking in nearby Morro Bay State Park and in Montana del Oro State Park, drove up the coast to see the elephant seals, visited Paso Robles and Avila Beach, visited the Elfin Forest and continued our quest for the perfect fish taco.

During our stay here parts of Arizona and California were hit with some excessively hot weather while in Morro Bay most days didn’t see temps above 70.  We felt very fortunate indeed.  We will be returning here in August to spend another month.

Next stop:  Santa Clarita, CA


2 thoughts on “Morro Bay

  1. I love Morro Bay. We would take weekend trips there when we lived in Ventura. We would go to the little aquarium in town, and feed the loud sea lions There was a cute little putt putt golf we would play at. Cute little town.

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