San Antonio, TX

(Click here for more photographs.)

We stopped off in San Antonio back in February of 2016 when we were eastbound.  We again stayed at Greenlake RV Resort during this visit.  Just before we left Houston we decided that Valerie needed to get back to California in order to help out her mother.  We booked a flight for her from San Antonio for December 29th.  I will continue westward in the motorhome but will step up the pace a bit.


No visit to Texas would be complete without a visit to one of the Buc-ee’s locations.  These are Texas sized “convenience” stores which have from 80 to 120 fueling stations along with huge restrooms and all of the items any traveler could want:  candy, beverages, nuts, popcorn, freshly made sandwiches, jerky, ice, etc.  When we were there the store was very crowded with a near constant stream of people entering.  Interestingly, they cater only to non-commercial travelers, no 18 wheelers allowed, only cars, pickups and RV’s.

Next stop:  Fort Stockton, TX


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