Cooper Family Weekend 2016

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As we have for the past 13 years (or is it 14 years?) our family has come together for a weekend at the Eagle Cove Resort on Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.  The lake is split between Kentucky and Tennessee.


This resort is primarily a summer destination with houseboat rentals as well as fishing and other water activities.  When we go there at the beginning of December we are usually the only guests so it is quiet.  However, the resort management has told us that they will likely be closed during the winter next year so we may have to change either our date or location.

For us, we left our motorhome parked at the Emerald Beach RV Park in Navarre, FL, and drove our car up to Tennessee.  At this time of year you can encounter a wide variety of weather in the mid-south so we didn’t want to risk getting caught in a winter storm with the motorhome.  Our first stop was my sister Sheila’s home in Tullahoma where we spent two nights.  One night during our visit we were under a tornado warning and a twister briefly touched down a few miles away.  From there we drove on to Dale Hollow Lake.  At the end of the weekend, we didn’t want to make the full drive back to Navarre in one day so we stopped of in Gadsden, AL, overnight.

Next stop:  Navarre, FL


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