Navarre, FL

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Navarre is located in the Florida panhandle, on the Gulf Coast, a little east of Pensacola and a little west of Ft. Walton Beach.  Navarre Beach is located on a barrier island which is about 1 mile offshore.  We are parked at the Emerald Beach RV Park.

Emerald Beach RV Park

We booked this spot a while ago to ensure that we had a place for Thanksgiving and to give us an anchor location from where we could drive our car to the annual Cooper family event at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.  Our research turned out well this time.  This park has an almost perfect combination of facilities, amenities and services that suits our needs very well.

When we asked about a local seafood market we were directed to Joe Patti’s Seafood in Pensacola.  It is a bit of a drive from the RV park but well worth it.  It is like a Disneyland experience.  They have a vast selection of fish, shrimp, crab, oysters, mussels and lobster as well as made to order sushi and a deli market.  The product is very fresh and the prices are very good.  We loaded up and will return while we are here and again before we leave to head west.

The RV park management organized a Thanksgiving pot luck dinner.  They provided the turkey and ham and the park residents brought all of the usual side dishes and desserts.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and met several of the other residents.

Next stop:  Car trip to Dale Hollow Lake


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