Hollywood, FL

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Hollywood is located on the Atlantic coast a little north of Miami.  We parked here at a Broward County park, Topeekeegee Yugnee (T.Y.) Park, it’s a native American term meaning “gathering place”.  It’s a very nice park with a large lake and a beautiful campground.  In fact, it is a much nicer RV park than many private campgrounds we have visited, very clean, large paved site pads with large concrete patios and everything well maintained.

Hollywood North Beach Park

We went to the Hollywood North Beach Park for a rare (for us) beach experience.  The water was a little colder than we had anticipated but it’s a nice beach, clean and uncrowded.  Running south from there into the city of Hollywood is a beautiful wide boardwalk that runs for 2.5 miles.

USS Zumwalt

While at the beach we saw an interesting looking ship anchored off the coast.  Later we learned that this was the USS Zumwalt, a new Navy guided missile destroyer commissioned less than a month earlier.  It has stealth capabilities which explains its shape.

Next stop:  Cocoa, FL


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